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Distinguished Legal Guidance For Your Corporate And Securities Needs

ANTHONY, LINDER & CACOMANOLIS, PLLC, offers comprehensive legal services to help you navigate the bureaucracy and complex regulatory landscape of corporate, securities and business transaction-related matters. Our lawyers are highly knowledgeable in understanding, addressing and navigating niche challenges in these environments and bring over 100 years of combined experience in finding customized, workable solutions. Whether our clients require assistance with getting their company on a public exchange, need help navigating a merger or acquisition, or want to ensure their activities comply with SEC and FINRA rules, we make their experience with us worth their time and money. We will always offer quality counsel and representation – it’s what our clients get with the ANTHONY, LINDER & CACOMANOLIS, PLLC advantage.

Meet Our Team

The attorneys at ANTHONY, LINDER & CACOMANOLIS, PLLC bring diverse knowledge and experience to each case they manage. It gives our firm the unique advantage it has and continues to provide. Learn who they are at the links below:

  • Laura E. Anthony, founding partner: business law, mergers and acquisitions, and other business transactions
  • Craig D. Linder, firm named partner (head of public offerings): represent foreign (including, but not limited to, the firm’s Japanese practice) and U.S. issuers and investment banks in public and private corporate finance transactions including, but not limited to, IPOs, FPOs, BEOs, RDOs, CMPOs, PIPEs, ATMs, equity lines, Reg. As, de-SPACs and listings on the Nasdaq and NYSE.
  • John Cacomanolis, firm named partner (head of mergers and acquisitions): securities compliance, capital raising, shareholder and board compliance, private equity firm formations, joint ventures, and public and private company operations
  • Chad Friend, general counsel: corporate law and securities law; previously worked for the SEC
  • Svetlana Rovenskaya, associate: corporate law and securities law
  • Laz Rothstein, associate: corporate law and securities law; bar admission in Florida
  • Michael R. Geroe, general counsel: business law and commercial law; admitted to several bars, including the U.S. Supreme Court Bar
  • Peter Lindley, general counsel: business taxation, corporate law, corporate governance, securities law, and real estate property transactions
  • Harris E. Tulchin, associate: business and commercial law
  • John Lowy, general counsel: business law; bar admissions in New York and New Jersey
  • Stuart Reed, general counsel: business law and several other practice areas
  • Christopher T. Hines, general counsel: corporate governance, mergers and acquisitions, and securities law

Do you have questions regarding a corporate or securities legal issue? One of our lawyers will be happy to speak with you.

Our Firm’s Philosophy

Similar firms have a business model that only helps clients after they get in trouble. We can help you prevent, address and resolve problems before they affect you, particularly involving matters such as:

  • Corporate law
  • Business transactions
  • SEC rules and requirements
  • FINRA rules and requirements
  • IPO processes
  • DPO processes

Our goal is to offer realistic expectations and inform you of challenges you should aim to avoid. If we cannot find a way to avoid the problem entirely, we will take a practical and pragmatic approach to solving them.

We Can Expedite Your Securities And Business Transactions

Work with a firm that can handle the complexities and dedication required to navigate these matters. Schedule an initial consultation with our firm today by calling 877-541-3263 or visiting our contact page.