Form 10-K

All smaller reporting companies are required to file an annual report with the SEC on Form 10-K within 90 days of end of its fiscal year. An extension of up to 15 calendar days is available for a Form 10-K as long as the extension notice on Form 12b-25 is filed no later than the next business day after the original filing deadline.

A Form 10-K includes the company’s audited annual financial statements, a discussion of the company’s business results, a summary of operations, a description of the overall business and its physical property, identification of any subsidiaries or affiliates, disclosure of the revenues contributed by major products or departments, and information on the number of shareholders, the management team and their salaries, and the interests of management and shareholders in certain transactions. A Form 10-K is substantially similar to a Form 10 registration statement and updates shareholders and the market on information previously filed in a registration statement, on an annual basis.

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