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Business Transactions and Contracts

The devil is in the details! It can be easy to underestimate how the wording in a contract can make the difference in not only smooth corporate operations but can obviate future liability or litigation.  Business transactions come with high stakes and companies need legal counsel they can rely on to ensure they are being protected.

Our attorneys at ANTHONY, LINDER & CACOMANOLIS, PLLC, can help facilitate your business transactions nationwide. We don’t just draft documents, but also offer honest advice and guidance to help you make legal and appropriate decisions for your business.

Business Transactions We Facilitate

We facilitate all forms of business transactions and contracts, including employment, consulting and independent contractor agreements, purchase and sale transactions, commercial lease transactions, consignment transactions, licensing and distribution agreements, software development agreements, work for hire and other intellectual property specific agreements, contracts, and finance agreements.

  • Buying or selling businesses, assets, supply chains, and the like: Our lawyers pay attention to detail. We don’t just recycle old forms, but make sure the provisions protect you and avoid ambiguous or contradictory provisions.
  • Commercial lease transactions: Commercial leases often involve thorough negotiations, which can be risky. We help you review the terms of the lease and help shield you from potential risk, whether you are the leaser or the lessee.
  • Licensing and distribution agreements; IP related agreements: We develop a solid legal framework to ensure your agreements protect your assets and meet your short and long term intentions. We can also ensure that those guidelines are legal across all states your business operates in.
  • Employment, consulting and independent contractor agreements: A business is a product of its people – we understand this dynamic.
  • Finance agreements: We assist with multiple types of financing agreements, including those involving business loans, equipment leasing, and other financial matters that can impact daily business operations.

If you request, we can also manage due diligence business transactions.

Feel Confident About Your Business Transactions

When you engage in complex and sometimes high-stakes transactions, you need counsel to help you navigate every step. Our attorneys have experience overseeing delicate and complicated transactions with a view to the business aspects.  We are thorough but will not “over lawyer” your deal – we help you get it done!

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Your small to midsize company engages in countless transactions every year. ANTHONY, LINDER & CACOMANOLIS, PLLC, can help you facilitate them so that each can add value and benefit your bottom line. Speak with one of our attorneys today by calling 877-541-3263 or visiting our contact page. We can meet with you in person or virtually.