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Your General Corporate Counsel

Every entity must abide with corporate governance.  We help with general corporate governance matters including board and shareholder matters, annual and special meetings, shareholder equity plans, voting agreements, shareholder agreements, operating agreements, inter-company agreements, and more.

Our lawyers at ANTHONY, LINDER & CACOMANOLIS, PLLC offer timely, professional and experienced corporate counsel services for small to midsize businesses.  We work with internal general counsel or can act as outside general counsel.  We have gained intricate knowledge across multiple industries nationwide, and we can quickly learn the fine details of your operations.

General Corporate Counsel Services We Offer

Examples of the general business law services we offer include:

  • Maintain corporate books and records: Organizing books and records means offering a clear and linear timeline of your business activities. We ensure that all your documents are accurate and updated. Detailed descriptions can also help if your small to midsize corporate entity faces audits or other investigations.
  • Assistance with board and shareholder matter: We assist with board and shareholder meeting notices, minutes, actions by written consent, shareholder agreements, shareholder reports; voting agreements and board agreements among other items.
  • Operating Agreements: We offer the same level of corporate services to limited liability companies and limited partnerships including preparation of operation agreements, management agreements, member and management meeting minutes, limited partnership agreements and the like.

Want to learn more about our corporate counsel services? Let’s discuss what our firm can do for you. Call 877-541-3263 to schedule a consultation.

Work With Attorneys Who Understand

Your small to midsize business’s liabilities can largely depend on the industry you operate in. We understand that the rules you adhere to can be specific to your industry. Our lawyers can learn the intricacies of your business and industry and the legislation governing them. We ask detailed questions when beginning general counsel services to gather the needed information. Once we have a thorough understanding of your environment, we apply that knowledge to offer tailored processes for preparing and organizing your books, records, documents and other matters to protect you from liability.

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We are here and ready to provide you with the general corporate counsel services you need. Schedule an initial consultation by calling 877-541-3263 or completing our contact form. We can meet in person or virtually from our office.