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Advising Companies Looking To List on a National Stock Exchanges

There are currently 13 registered stock exchanges in the United States. However, the most common exchanges for small-cap and middle-market companies are the Nasdaq Stock Market and the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), including the NYSE American. Both exchanges have quantitative and qualitative listing standards and ongoing corporate governance requirements for listed companies. Although the OTC markets is not considered a national exchange, it is a quotation medium for public company trading.

ANTHONY, LINDER & CACOMANOLIS, PLLC, can advise and guide small to mid-size enterprises looking to complete an IPO, direct listing, uplisting or foreign entities seeking a dual listing on any U.S. national exchange or the OTC Markets quotation medium.

Nasdaq Listing Tiers

Each of these three tiers comes with progressively higher listing requirements. From highest to lowest, these include:

The Nasdaq Global Select Market

Companies issuing securities in this market typically have robust finances and a strong cash flow.

The Nasdaq Global Market

Companies issuing securities in this market meet all the required standards to enter the Nasdaq but do not meet the high standards necessary to enter the Nasdaq Global Select Market.

The Nasdaq Capital Market

Companies issuing securities in this market typically stick with trading long-term debt tools like bonds and derivatives.

NYSE Listing Tiers

These are sometimes called:

The Big Board

This name came from when investors manually monitored and updated quotes and trading activity on a large New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) board.

The NYSE American

This is another financial exchange that operates alongside the NYSE. The Intercontinental Exchange owns both the NYSE American and the NYSE.

Navigate The Listing Process With Confidence

The attorneys at ANTHONY, LINDER & CACOMANOLIS, PLLC assist companies with preparing for and applying to list on an exchange and comply with ongoing listing requirements. We understand how complicated and time-consuming the process can be. We can ensure the standards are clear and verify that everything you submit is accurate.

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